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Are you struggling with a health issue that no one can seem to figure out?  Do you have a current health protocol but want to have a more natural approach to healing?  Perhaps you want to just lose weight but can't seem to shed the pounds.  Or maybe you are just curious about what the right diet is for your unique constitution or herbal remedies that can offer you support on your healing journey.  Whatever your needs, a one on one consultation will help you get the answers you are seeking.  My personal specialties are menstrual health and anxiety and depression.   

Schedule a wellness Consultation and begin your healing journey

Single Session Consultation

This 1-1/2 to 2 hour consultation can be scheduled via Zoom or in person.  Your session includes:

* An in-depth review of your current health concerns and your health history

*A Doshic evaluation - learn your unique Ayurvedic constitution

* A customized Wellness Plan that includes diet plans with recipes, lifestyle recommendations, herbal support suggestions (herbal formulas not included)

* A follow-up consultation, date determined at end of first session

* Customized Herbal formulas

* Email support for up to 1 month as needed

* 10% off all items in Sister Moon's Apothecary

Your Investment is $65 

Total Transformation

This 8 Week Session is for those that want more support on their healing journey.  This is a good option for those suffering from acute or chronic conditions related to stress or anxiety, menstrual disorders, digestive disturbances and sleep issues.  

Your journey includes:

* A 1-1/2 to 2 hour initial consultation to go over your current concerns or health issues, health history and desired outcomes.

* A 1 hour Follow-Up consultation that includes your Personal Wellness Plan

* Weekly email support

* Customized Herbal Formulas

* A final 1 hour session to go over results, challenges and help with designing a continuing wellness plan

*10 % off all item's in Sister Moon's Apothecary

Your INvestment is $225

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