We all have the ability to heal ourselves


Welcome sister!  I'm Heidi -  certified Yoga Instructor, Professional Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Priestess & Shamanic Healer.  My belief is that we all have within us the ability to heal ourselves.  My healing journey began about 24 years ago when I began to experience severe anxiety, depression and gut health issues.  When traditional methods did not give me the relief I was searching for, I turned to Nature.  I learned about herbal medicine and natural foods, discovered Yoga and began to develop a spiritual relationship with Nature & the Divine Feminine - The Goddess.   These things were Divine Healing Nectar to my soul.  It was not a quick trip - it took time- but after a while, I no longer had any symptoms from my previous state of dis-ease. 

Years later, I decided to take my interests, knowledge and experience and pursue certifications in the very modalities that helped me heal. 

Now it is with complete joy that I get to empower other women and connect them to their own inner healer. 

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The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision -

Rosemary Gladstar